Make Batch Loads easy and fast with Snowflake’s SWAP Command

  1. Create a TEMP table with same structure as the final table that is loaded by the ETL process.
  2. You can do this by either using Snowflake’s Clone command; apart from creating the cloned table this will also copy the data without using any Snowflake’s computation power or use command create table <tmp_table> as select * from <main_table> where 1=0 , this will duplicate table structure but without data from the main table.
  3. Use the TEMP table as a target in the ETL process, load it with processed data by running ETL jobs.
  4. If you wish to run some quality checks , do that on the TEMP table after it is loaded in step 3. Set limit for your data quality checks , if the checks do not meet the data quality criteria stop/fail the ETL at this stage, correct the data and rerun the ETL as said in step 3.
  5. If quality checks are fine, then at the last step swap this TEMP table with the actual main_table using Snowflake’s SWAP WITH command.This SWAP with command works on the metadata of these two tables and in a nutshell renames them.This command is very fast, gets executed with milliseconds.After the SWAP main_table which is used by the business or your reporting tools is refreshed with latest data within a single transactions and in milliseconds.




Data Engineer, BI, Data Analytics,DWH

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ruchi khanuja

ruchi khanuja

Data Engineer, BI, Data Analytics,DWH

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